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The Benefits Of Being A Good Reader

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Once I noticed that there was a project that I have to do, there were ten selected topics to do about, but one of those topics attracted me to choose it, which is “Reading”. I always wanted to know what people think about reading, and are they really recognize the importance of it in their life. So, I did a survey asking them different questions about reading. Also, a research was done about two different questions. The purpose of the research is to find out the benefits of reading, and the ways that people can follow to improve their reading skill. Although the benefits of reading I found from the research are countless, I found from the survey that people do not read enough. Which is helpless for their knowledge.

Survey Findings
The survey was completed on 19 October by 78 respondents, which is very useful to have more information about the topic. I sent the survey to my classmates, also I sent it to my friends and family using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

71% of respondents were females, while 29% of them were males.The majority of respondents were aged 18-19, which was anticipated because I sent the survey primarily to my classmates and my friends. However, there was only 5% of respondents were 26 years old and above. 50% of respondents were from Arab countries except Qatar and GCC.

I always wanted to know what people feel about reading. So I asked them "Do you enjoy reading?". Although 29% of respondents said no they don't enjoy reading, I was glad that 71% of them said yes they enjoy reading. In addition 14% of respondents feel fantastic about reading, while only 4% feel terrible about it, which is good in general.

When I asked them about the time they spend for reading, 22% of respondents read everyday. 28% of them read once a month. More than 50% of respondents spend from 30 to 60 minutes reading on a week. What made matters worse, there was only one person who spend reading for more than 180 minutes on a week, which is really sad. Majority of respondents read from 1 to 3 books during the last 6 months. Unfortunately, only 2 respondents read more than 10 books during the last 6 months.

54% of respondents read for enjoyment sometimes, while most respondents read for educational purposes most of the time, which is logical because as most of the respondents were students, so they spend most of their time studying and reading. 51% of respondents sometimes use dictionary to figure out the meaning of words they do not know while they are reading. Surprisingly, 8% of respondents never use dictionary.

Each one has different opinion from others. Especially when it comes to people opinions about the book they want to read. There are a lot of kinds of books. The responses were a variety of different kinds of books people prefer. However, most respondents enjoy reading short stories. There were a rare of respondents who like to read science fiction, poetry, comic books and horror. 60% of respondents look for an...

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