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“Living the Question” briefly introduces concepts and struggles for teacher-researchers. The introduction was similar to what we teachers would like to call a “hook” in the classrooms to begin the lesson. The idea of using a “hook” is to grasp the learner’s attention. As a fellow educator I am exposed to utilizing teaching techniques and methods to effectively distribute educational materials, taking into account that all students are unique and absorb knowledge in various ways. Having the opportunity to study my student’s progress and reflect upon methods of teaching that I can improve can potentially aid my student’s performances. Not all classrooms are the same, I can have an activity ...view middle of the document...

They are essentially learning a new language. If I can help them learn helpful study methods and show them my data at the end of the year, hopefully some improvement will be seen. I would print their overall report for each of my students and go over their results. Since I teach seniors and juniors I am ultimately preparing them for the college route. This being said, I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to attend college or a university, but not everyone needs to be there, and that’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to attend or completing. The vocational route of study should be an option for those that would like to obtain skills to better prepare themselves for the working after high school. An example would be vocational preparation for electrical work in order to have the skills to be an electrician.
To quickly reference the text, I really enjoyed reading this particular analogy by Lawrence Stenhouse. He compared the teacher-researcher to the large-scale education researcher using farming as the analogy. The...

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