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Reading Response To "The Power Of Talking"

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Linguistic style is the way people express their mean and to understand the words of others, and it is influenced by many elements, such as experiences in childhood, cultural background, and position in the workplaces. The central idea of this article is that different linguistic styles of people not only cause different results for men and women in workplaces, but also lead people to misunderstand others in communication.
In childhood, boys are encouraged to get higher positions in the group, for which they are supposed to present their abilities and knowledge as much as possible. Boys who have high status in their group will be viewed as leaders, and leaders should give orders to other low-status boys. In contrast, linguistic styles of girls are different from boys. Girls have to put themselves in the inferior position and avoid embarrassing or frustrating others, otherwise, they will get negative responses from other girls. The way people communicate with others will gradually become their own linguistic styles, and will bring significant influences to their career.
In the workplace, the differences in linguistic style make men and women have distinct performance. Men’s linguistic style encourages them to catch as many opportunities as possible to present their abilities, and what men learn from childhood enables them to speak out their ideas and thoughts in an acceptable and understandable manner. Since men actively demonstrate their abilities, they are going to be given more credit by colleagues and be promoted by their bosses. On the other hand, girls believe appearing stronger than others will make others feel embarrassed or frustrated, which affects the girl's reputation negatively. Girls are unaccustomed to give orders to others, because what they learn in childhood taught them that people should have the same status in communication. In this case, women lose credits because they do not show their ability actively to colleagues, and often are criticized by their bosses for lack of confidence or proper demeanor. So, the distinctions of linguistic style put men in an advantageous position in the workplace.
Linguistic style also creates misunderstandings in communication. Due to the fact that every person has their own linguistic style, people might interpret the same words with different meanings, and look for different responses for what they said. For instance, “I’m sorry” is a way for women to show their concerns, but men generally view it as a signal of showing weakness. Differences in understanding lead to various responses, and it is possible that the speakers cannot receive the same response as what they expect to receive from others, which may cause misunderstandings. So, the author,...

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