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Reading Strategies Essay

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Topic and Problem
Many students in middle school have difficulty comprehending material they read from the science textbook. The students are unfamiliar with the text features in the science textbook and do not know how to use them appropriately. The students also lack expository reading strategies to comprehend expository text. It is vital for students to be able to read and comprehend the science textbook independently to be successful throughout their academic career.
Topic choice. I teach sixth grade science. The topic was chosen because students enter the sixth grade without the necessary expository reading strategies to be successful in the classroom. The elementary ...view middle of the document...

The elementary schools, in the county I teach in, rarely use the science textbook. The teachers are expected to teach science and social studies through the reading class. The science and social studies textbook is used minimally. The students are not exposed to the features in the textbook that support the text. The features a
Significance of the problem. Students enter middle school without knowing how to appropriately read and comprehend the science textbook. Students lack the strategies needed to comprehend expository text. This can impact the student’s grades throughout middle school, high school, and college.
The student’s lack of comprehension strategies for expository text not only impacts the student but, it also impacts the school. The county requires all students to take End of Quarter Tests (EQT) that are created and scored by the county. The student’s lack of comprehension can affect the student’s ability to understand important concepts needed to pass the EQT. Also, the schools in Alabama are required to take the ARMT test and the schools are held accountable to have a high percentage of students score proficient on the test. Students need expository comprehension strategies to achieve a proficient score.
The proposed solution is to help students better understand and comprehend the science textbook through teaching the students strategies to assist them in the comprehension process. The students will be introduced to text feature walks that show them how to use the important features in the textbook. . As students move through text features in a given section, they become familiar with the text's organization and access important background knowledge related to the content (Honig, Diamond, & Gutlohn, 2000).
Another possible solution is to model and have students practice using the Questioning as Thinking (QAT) strategy. I will model the strategy of questioning as you read. Students will be taught to ask themselves questions as they read to help connect themselves to the material and to make sure they understand what they have read. QAT will teach students how to monitor their own comprehension. QAT is an interactive framework that works well across the content areas to help students improve their comprehension of expository text and content area materials (Wilson and Smetana, 2011).
The students will also complete KWL charts to help connect what they already know to information that they are learning. Students will list what...

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