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I had choosen to read The Secert Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. This book takes us on an adventure with Lily Owens and her help Rosaleen. Lily struggles to understand the truth behind her mothers death, while also trying to claim an identity for herself. This journey she takes allows for her to see the world in a new light. She encounters situations dealing with love, racism and prejudice, but here are certain life lessons that help her manage. She learns about forgiveness, storytelling and the power of communities especially female ones. The ideas that the author choose to use throughout the book sometimes become confusing. I was able to keep track of important information in this book by using my reading strategies. Some of the reading strategies I found extremly helpful in this case were asking questions, notice/mark changes in the text and drawing connections. Each text that I chose to read is unique and the certain strategies I chose to use in each differ. In The Secert Life of Bees my reading strategies helped me keep track of Lily’s changing views on life, her identity search and the continuing quest to find out about her mother.
Asking questions was the reading strategy I found the most helpful while read The Secret Life of Bees. This Strategy keeps you involved with the text. Once you get the answers to your questions it helps to clarify while also deepening your understanding of the book. Most of the questions I had while reading involved Lily’s mother towards the beginning of the book, but at the end I found myself asking questions about the Boatwright sisters and the idea of female power/community. Immediately I began to question Lily’s mother’s death. I had asked, “Why will no one tell Lily the truth?” and, “Is Lily actually to blame for the death of Deborah?” Personally, I believed that the story behind Lily’s death was a made up one. “Your sorry mother ran off and left you. The day she died, she’s come back to get her things, that’s all.” I wanted to know what actually happened the day Lily’s mother died. Eventually my questions were answered towards the end of the book. We found out that Deborah was unhappy and she had felt pressured into her marriage. Although Lily was responsible for her mother’s death Deborah did care about her. At this point we could put T.Ray’s story to rest. Deborah had come back that day to get her things and take Lily with her.
When Lily first got to the Boatwright house I had a lot of questions about May. When May is first introduced as a character Lily talks about her smile. “She smiled at us, one of those odd grins that let you know she was not an altogether normal person.” After reading this I asked, “What is wrong with May and what about her smile made Lily feel this way towards her?” That question is eventually answered later in the text along with my other question involving May, “Why does May sing Oh! Susana whenever a tragedy is brought up?” As I found out more about the other sister in the...

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