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In the memoirs This Boy’s Life and Reading Lolita in Tehran the authors similarly explore the psychological reaction of a negative environment created by the actions of others. Each author has a separate environment that evolves in its own way as the story progresses making the reader really have to dive deeper into the perspective of that character.
From This Boy’s Life, the reader can see that Toby is usually in an environment that involves him go through some sort of disappointment whether it be from himself or those around him. Almost the entire books length Toby’s environment has at least one central negative caused by someone such as, a man his mother is dating, his mother, himself, or a situation. All these negatives coincide with Azar Nafisi’s in Reading Lolita in Tehran, because most of her environments are negative mainly due to her culture she is almost always surrounded as well. Among her negatives are her students that are conveniently always apparent in the text whether they are talking or if she is talking about them. Both environments include an oppressive aura that, in a way, “suffocates” the main characters as they endure the harsh environments until their ends.
Although the environments of each memoir have similarities such as the oppressive aura, and an air of helplessness, they were both created in drastically different ways. Toby’s environment is mostly created by his mother’s inconsideration of his feelings in a given situation, and the effects of that inconsideration in all those situations till the end. For example, how his mother always came home from work one day and would just pack everything up so they could leave as soon as possible. By packing up everything, Toby would have to leave his school, if he had made any friends he would have to leave them as well. There are few instances in the book where they leave because they just want to but most times his mother is uprooting them because a predicament it most often than not caused by her own actions. Nafisi’s environment is much different however. Much of the difficulties that she faces in her environment comes from the political and religious differences of the people in her country Tehran. Through the information Nafisi gives, the reader is able to see that the differences date back to even before the book was conceived. In the classroom, Nafisi is faced with the task of teaching Western literature, which was highly controversial at the time. Her teaching situation creates an even more sensitive environment because beliefs and faiths are involved.
Both authors respond to their respective environments by creating methods of escape or safe haven, Toby creates an alternate persona, Jack,...

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