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Reading To Your Children Essay

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Little did I know, as I read Goodnight Moon, a children’s book by Margaret Wise Brown, to my toddler for the fourth time that evening that I was affecting her future academic and professional success. Reading to young children not only enhances the parent-child bond, sharing some relaxed quality time together, but serves as a huge educational benefit, which in turns leads to professional success. Just a few minutes of nightly reading to your baby, and they’re reap a lifetime of rewards.

Reading to children should begin as early after birth as possible. At first glance it may seem that an infant could not possibly benefit from reading at such a young age. At birth only 25% of a child’s brain is developed, the remainder developing within the first year of life. When a child is read to, in a matter of seconds, thousands of cells in these children's growing brains respond. Some brain cells are 'turned on,' triggered by this particular experience. Many existing connections among brain cells are strengthened. At the same time, new brain cells are formed, adding a bit more definition and complexity to the intricate circuitry that will remain largely in place for the rest of these children's lives. (Ibid). This is the first step in becoming a successful reader.
The more children are read to, the better readers they become. Reading increases vocabulary, which expands spoken language skills, such as proper grammar and phrasing. Even though they may not understand each word, they take in the context which may expand their understanding of it the next time they come upon the word. Voluntary reading for pleasure is associated with academic achievement. These children become better readers, writers, and score higher than infrequent readers on reading and writing assessment tests. Reading also enables kids’ access to a...

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