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Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 to his father, Sir William Wilde, and his mother, Jane Francesca Elgee, in Dublin, Ireland. Jane Francesca Elgee was a poet and a journalist who inspired Oscar Wilde to follow in her path to a very successful career as a playwright, novelist, poet, and critic in literature. Wilde is more famously known for his comedies in which he used epigrams, which is the use of short poems to express ones feelings in a play. This made the audience to think harder allowing them to understand what the characters were truly feeling.. Wilde’s career is greatly admired for the major contribution of epigrams and many of his famous quotes.
The start of Wilde’s career really began in the years he was enrolled at Magdalen College in Oxford. One of his successful pieces was named Ravenna, a poem which received the prestigious 1878 Newdigate Prize (The Poetry Foundation). In 1879 Wilde settled down in London where, two years later, he published his first book called Poems. This was a collection of some of his poems that had already been published elsewhere (The Poetry Foundation). Wilde’s career had already taken huge strides to success, but when he married Constance Lloyd in 1884, he had no choice but to accept a job at Woman’s World magazine (Brdnik). This job helped Oscar Wilde support his wife and two children at home. While employed at Woman’s World magazine,Wilde edited and submitted other people’s work before publishing it. This lead to the publishing of his one and only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, in 1891 (Brdnik). This novel did not receive such great success from the public for having strong homosexual overtones. That same year, Wilde was caught with having an affair with Lord Alfred Douglas. The man was both Wilde’s lover and his downfall (Brdnik). The affair led to a divorce with Constance Lloyd. Although the people of London looked down on Wilde’s sexual desires, it did not stop Wilde from becoming a literary legend.
Just one year before Wilde’s affair ended his marriage, Wilde wrote his first play, Lady Windermere's Fan, which brought him great success (Reading Wilde). The success of this play was largely due to the comedy of the plot. Mrs. Erlynn, Lady Windermere’s mother, shows up in her life. Mrs. Erlynn is not the pathetic motherly type that just shows up in her daughter's life, but rather she is sophisticated and witty (Reading Wilde). Oscar Wilde’s use of epigrams in the play shows his unique way in establishing the mothers witty personality. Many scholars have said that there was no characterization and all the people talked equally (Reading Wilde). This lead people to place epigrams as a creation of Oscar Wilde and placed him in his own category.
Wilde’s famous comedies, A Woman of No...

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