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Reading, Writing And Literacy Essay

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I wouldn’t say that I am a good writer, and I really don’t like to read books either. Through my years in school I became literate in these two categories. I was and still am not interested in writing, or reading books in my spare time. The only writing I have ever done is for school. Writing just does not interest me, and the only reading I do out of class is reading about sports in magazines, or reading the news, or looking at web pages. I have only read a couple of books on my own, 95% of all the books I have read have been for school. The reason for not writing out of class is probably attributed to the fact that I am a very impatient person, and I have a short attention span. I have no interest in writing and reading so when I do sit down to write something for school other things that are happening around me that grab my attention instead of doing the reading or writing. I know people will try to give me the solution of going to a room with no music, phone, T.V., or anything else distracting. But I will eventually get so bored and impatient that I will leave it alone and go do something else, the same goes for reading. Books take too long to finish. I Think movies are a better way of getting the story across, because instead of trying to visualize the setting and try to understand what the author is trying to say, you can see exactly what the setting is supposed to be and you witness exactly what is going on in a movie. So there is no speculation on what was going in the story. Movies also take a lot less time to see than books do to read.

There are more types of literacy than reading and writing. I am probably more computer literate than writing literate. The reason for me being more literate in computers than writing is, computers interest me more. There are so many things you can do on a computer. This helps out me out because I have a short attention span. The way it helps me out is if I’m starting to get bored typing a paper I don’t have to leave the computer I could go on the internet and look at ESPN for a couple of minutes and after I check out last nights scores I can go back to writing my paper. Because of my computer literacy there are a numerous amount of things I know I can do on a computer like listen to music, get on the internet, check e-mail, watch a movie, talk to a friend, etc. It might take my attention away from typing but it is only for a little bit, and then I am back to typing. In the long run I can get the assignment done faster than just sitting in one spot with no distractions around because I will eventually step away and start doing something...

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