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Ready By Five Essay

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We may be living in a flat world but we are not living in a level world. Chances are the person next you had a more or less likely chance to succeed in life depending on the importance their parents put towards education or by the dollars spent towards education. In the Yakima Valley, where poverty rates are high, Elizabeth Mendoza, Ready by Five’s Coordinator of Community Outreach says, that they can “get them ready socially and emotionally. We encourage teachers to make home visits so they can discuss goals, establish connections with the families and open a line of communication.” All of the ingredients to a healthy education. The Ready by Five program could level the playing field for ...view middle of the document...

This is caused by the price of preschool, which is extremely expensive. In the article “Building Better Kids: It’s the Preschool’s Stupid”, Kevin Drum claimed “the cost per student was about $10,000, and nationwide there are about 4 million kids each at ages 3 and 4. So if you implemented this for the entire country for two years of intervention, it would cost about $80 billion.” This is simply unrealistic. There is no way that we are spending $80 billion given our debt during this economy. In addition, even if a portion of that would go towards preschool, where would we draw the line? Whose kid will receive free preschool and whose will not? It will be a slippery slope when you start to make the decision on who will get free preschool and who will not.
To be successful in the flat world you have to adapt to all changes. To adapt you have to know how to learn new skills that otherwise would not be needed in a round world. In the book, The World is Flat, Friedman, stated that, “ to learn how to learn, you have to love learning-or you have to at least enjoy it-because so much learning is about being motivated to teach yourself. And while it seems that some people are just born with that motivation, many others can develop it or have it implanted with the right teach (or parent).” It seems that Friedman is suggesting that, although you can be born with the will to learn, mostly it is ingrained in you from a young age, from either a teacher or parent. The children who never had a chance to learn how to learn and develop the motivation have lost a gifted student’s strongest quality.
As soon as the children who have not harnessed the skill of learning enter the workforce, they are stalled in a position without potential for advancement. Sometimes, it takes more than having raw smarts if you do not know how to learn and take in everything that is given to you. Friedman would say, “it is not only what you know but how you learn that will set you apart. Because what you know today will be out-of-date sooner than you think.” What Friedman is suggesting is that if you are incapable of learning you will be left behind while someone, possibly overseas, takes your position.
Friedman said, “nobody works harder than a curious kid.” A curious kid is always asking “why?”. He is always exploring, learning, experimenting, and pushing the limits. These kids have a passion and a curiosity towards learning that raw talent cannot compete. The Ready by Five program will give these passionate and curious kids room to grow as individuals at an age where it is needed most, the development age. Some kids are born with this gift of curiosity and some are not. For the ones that are not, this is a time to ingrain it in them. In the article “The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers”, David Leonhardt said, “good early education can impart skills that last a lifetime – patience, discipline, manners, perseverance.” His point is that even if they are lacking these traits...

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