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Equality Paper

Equality can be used in many contexts, as the general definition is “the state or quality of being equal or that one thing equals another; likeness. In this paper I would like to explore equality as dealing wholly with life experiences in general. At first my definition of equality was that everybody is subject to the same set of rules, even though there are many times when the same set of rules can be unfair.
An example of equality not being fair can be shown where two students are taking the same class. One student is normal in abilities and the other has a learning disability. The second student suffers from dyslexia. The students in the class are expected to listen to the teacher and to take notes. The normal student would be able to read and write efficiently. However, the dyslexic student would have a hard time not only reading the board presentations but in taking notes. This would cause the dyslexic student to not be able to learn as much as the normal student.
This scenario does not seem fair to me, that the student with dyslexia will have a harder time passing the class that the normal student. The teacher could take into account each student’s special circumstances to make things more equal. In this case he could provide class notes and allow more time for taking tests for the disabled student. I think that providing this assistance would make the situation fair for both students because it would allow them to learn the same amount of material. So, at this point my definition of equality would be that it is where everyone is subject to the same, fair set of rules.
However, can there really be true equality in this world, when people are born into different circumstances in this life? This question seems to parallel my experiences with board games. When I have played games, I have noticed that someone always tends to roll high numbers and moves ahead of everyone else. Is this luck or skill? We all start from the same position, but whether by chance or skill in spinning the wheels or rolling the dice, our positions change. Now, in...

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