Physical Exercise And Cognitive Functioning In Children

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The purpose of this study is to look at if physical exercise will help the healthy cognitive development in children and adolescence and this paper will illustrate that the same facts are true for children and adolescence, and will stress the importance of exercise for children optimal brain development and growth. The current studies show that physical activity has a positive effect on attention, neuroplasticity and intellectual development in children and adolescence. The studies also seem to show the importance of physical activity like PE classes and recess in schools and curriculum to have well-founded, healthy children. The studies show that physical activity has affects on brain growth and development and if children activate and grow their brains to their fullest potential, it could have lasting effects through adulthood thus elevating dementia and alchemizes symptoms and memory loss as we age.

The Importance of Exercise on Healthy Cognitive Development in:
Physical exercise has been proven to help rebuild brain cells and activate proper and healthy cognitive functioning in adults. This relates to cognition in psychology because the studies show that there is a physical change in brain capacity, memory and cell growth from regular and efficient exercise. One of the more important aspects of the paper that I will focus on is the effect that exercise has on attention in children which helps regulate cognitive functioning and promotes further development and learning. These articles go over neuroscience that backs up the fact that exercise is crucial for brain development of children and teens, and the importance of renewing and growing healthy brain cells that also effect cognitive functioning.

Literature Review:
Gomez looked at the correlation of exercise and level of cognition in the brain. This article also looked at adolescence because of the little research that has been done on them. Most research has been done on the elderly and on adults to see if physical exercise played a role in healthy brain development to help cognition, but little is done on children and adolescence and how exercise may help them in academics and in cognition as they grow, which is what this article seeks to explore and explain. The authors go into the issue further saying that previous studies they looked at found that children and teen’s cognitions levels seemed to be higher and had better levels of attention after physical exercise, but long term effects were not evaluated. This would be a very interesting area to develop more research to also help in the issues of ADD and ADHD in children and adolescence. We are a country that is over medicated and we need more natural options that can help solve many of these mental health issues rather than always depending on medication, especially for children. We do not know the long term effects of medication on children and their brains, but if physical exercise is proving to help areas of attention in cognitive...

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