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Physical Force: Is It A Justifiable Method

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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]1Al-ThaniShaikha Al-ThaniMrs. SobhSpeech6th January 2014Physical Force: Is it Justifiable Method?"To strictly punish children for small faults means to lose any of their trust and respect" said by the French philosopher Jean De La Bruyere. Physical force perpetuates aggressiveness instead of discipline and which is why I for one do not believe physical force is a justifiable method of punishing children. Physical force will increase violence, the risk of mental illness and would also damage your relationship with your child.Physical force teaches your child that violence is the solution. The child would start to believe that hitting is acceptable and would eventually become more aggressive throughout the years. The Child would also start to believe that in order to get things the way you want you have to use physical fore. Physical force promotes bullying, for instance, If the child sees someone doing something he doesn't like he or she would hit that person.Some might believe that physical force used on children will only make them behave, however studies have shown that physical force increase the risk of mental illness. About 13%-20% of children in the United States experience a mental disorder because of corporal punishment. A study done by the American Humane Association states "Children whose parents used physical force to reduce bad behavior actually experience the opposite in the long run like increase of aggression and other antisocial behaviors. Physical Punishment is not an effective method of controlling children and doesn't teach children how to act properly. Physical punishment has only a temporary effect on a child's behavior and if not...

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Physical Force: Is It Justifiable Essay

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