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Real Learning Essay

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A society is only as prosperous as the individuals that live within it and contribute to its success. People interact with one another and through this interaction, individuals begin to formulate a sense of self-definition, as well as the foundations required to form relationships, but more importantly, a society develops the proposal of real learning. Real learning is an understanding of materials through one’s own experiences and understandings, but also through the learning and communication between others. Author Jean Twenge often spoke about the idea of the self through a deeper appreciation of others and not just oneself in her essay “An Army of One: Me”. The author of “The Roots of Debate in Education and The Hope of Dialogue”, Deborah Tannen, similarly proposed the idea that an understanding of others ideas and opinions should be developed in order to achieve an even greater understanding. Author Nicholas Carr of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” believes that individuals can lose a sense of self, if the development of ideas are proposed by others as well as if one focuses only on what is present and does not challenge that ideas existence. Being socially disconnected is a major contribution and benefit to the formation of real learning. It is only when one begins to develop a full understanding of others ideas and opinions that the development of not only the individual themselves, but also their understanding of learning can truly take place.
Academics has always been a topic of interest to not only individuals but to communities and even society as a whole. By disconnecting oneself from society, there is a tendency to disregard others opinions and focus on the individual. This however, would only be extra “support”, for schools have already begun to urge the idea of self and the belief that one is the best that there is. “The self-esteem emphasis leaves kids ill prepared for the inevitable criticism and occasional failure that is real life” (Twenge, 493). Unfortunately, schools focus more on this idea than on the preparation in which students will need in order to succeed in a world full of competition. Looking out for one’s best interest creates an idea implanted in the individual’s brain that he or she should be the best. With the mind being as “malleable” of an organ as Carr states it is, it is only expected that the ideas of others will in fact contribute to the way of thinking even if one would not want it to. (Carr, 70) This being the case, a community as a whole will also then get altered if more and more people begin to think in this new way and what will become of our society will end up being a revolution between us all, debating ones own view on things to be the correct and the right view of how things should be. As Tannen states, “Setting out to prove others wrong can be constructive…when seeking to prove others wrong becomes a habit, an end in itself, the sole line of inquiry, the results can be far less rewarding”...

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