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Real Life Hero Essay

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What makes a hero? Is it someone who has a spectacular outfit, supernatural powers and a mask to hide his true identity? No, not all heroes wear masks. Heroes are often portrayed as mighty men who are invincible, but a real hero is someone who can be found in everyday life. A hero is able to make rational decisions under pressure, selfless, and is always striving towards his/her goals. Victors don't need an arch nemesis or side kick to make them special, the traits that make them who they are is what causes them to be admirable.
One major feature that all heroes must obtain is the talent to make reasonable decisions while pressured. When trying to make logical choices one must think of the ...view middle of the document...

By putting others before himself/herself, the hero is able to help others. On September 11th, 2001, two planes hit the World Trade Center in New York. In the case of Welles Crowther, a member of the New York Fire Department, Crowther and his squad were called upon to evacuate the injured out of the burning building. Unfortunately, when the South Tower collapsed, Crowther lost his life. Crowther was much more than a fire fighter, he had known his death was upon him when he retreated back into the South Tower to save more trapped citizens. Once the chaos was over, the survivors had been interviewed, and multiple of them had recalled seeing Crowther in the building. Crowther was self-effacing since he had kept returning into the burning building in search of survivors instead of saving himself during the time of disaster. A genuine savior is able to assist others since they are willing to view others’ needs in front of his/her own.
In addition to being logical and benevolent, a true hero should always be striving towards his/her goals. The act of being determined is mandatory in a hero because without any drive a hero would not accomplish any of their aspirations. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. King wanted equal rights for African American citizens in the United States, ending segregation. While the African Americans were boycotting the buses, King has been arrested, abused and his house had been bombed. The leadership role King took on during the Civil Rights Movement brought many struggles into his life; his...

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