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Gregg Easterbrook’s essay was really effective in many ways, the essay explained points clearly to not leave you in doubt about how the world runs on money and how people have become the puppets of this paper that the world today runs on. Ever since the time of World War 2 depression the world’s happiness has not been the same, instead people are suffering more now and unhappiness has become a widespread disease among the poor and the very rich. Money has changed poor people’s sadness into happiness and the happiness of those with the riches into sadness due to their greed for more. I really do believe in the words that Easterbrook has said about money and the modern day riches.
Gregg Easterbrook introduced to us the art of happiness and how much it takes to become happy in the modern day society. Money has been a major factor in the modern world we live in today and almost everything runs on money, everyone today thinks that those with no money are depressed with sadness and those with money couldn't be happier than they are. That is not always the case though, studies done by Ronald Kessler of Harvard Medical School estimated that each year, 1 in 15 Americans experience an episode of major depression. In many cases of unhappiness money was not the case as Easterbrook said “Money jangles in our wallets and purses as never before, but we are basically no happier for it, and for many, more money leads to depression”. This basically proves that more money does not always lead to a better life and more happiness, but in most cases of those with the riches, many of them has been diagnosed by this really contagious disease known to destroy a person's life by taking away their happiness from their lives with no other treatment to make it better. There is a famous quote known by all “Money cannot buy a person happiness” like in most cases of the rich businessmen who compete daily with each other and seem to think that money is the answer to all their problems in life, but they still find themselves unhappy at the end of the day due to their greed for more and because maybe there are some things in life that just cannot be bought by the power of money like happiness. In one of the polls done by TIME poll they asked people about their major source of happiness, and money ranked 14th in this poll which is really the point Easterbrook was arguing that money cannot buy happiness. There are many things that bring happiness to people which money cannot buy such as family and loved ones and natural beauty and purpose in life good friends, trust, humility, and happiness most of all, but in the end it can buy you all the luxury you want to make your life better and ease most of your discomforts.
The Second point that is being argued by Easterbrook is how much the level of happiness increased over time. We all know that a few decades ago the world we live in went through world war 2 known as the worst war that happened on earth where millions of people died...

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