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Group Case #3 reports and peer evaluations are due* at the start of your scheduled class on Thursday, 4/19/18.
* Given that some instructors have scheduled their final “midterm” exam during the last week of classes, we are
providing an option to turn the project and peer evaluations in on Tuesday, 4/24 (reading day). Details will be
posted on the Case #3 content page on Carmen.
 A file identifying your group number and team mates for Group Case #3 has been posted on Carmen >
Cases > Group Case #3. Search the tabs at the bottom of the worksheets to find your recitation
day/time. Choose that worksheet and find your name.
o YOU MAY NOT CHANGE GROUPS without express permission from your instructor. If you
unilaterally decide to work with a group other than the one assigned to you by your instructor,
you will receive 0 points for this case.
o All members of the group are responsible for communicating with each other to arrange
meetings. Be professional and considerate and respond to your team mates regarding group
meetings, even if the case isn’t your immediate priority.
o Every member of the group is expected to contribute to the all aspects of the case solution.
Refusal to participate fully in your team’s project will result in a reduced case score, potentially 0
points. Questions regarding the case assignment may be included on the Final Exam.
o We will only mediate group disputes as a last resort. Effective team work requires that the
members treat each other with respect and in an inclusive manner. It also requires that the
team members make every effort to resolve conflicts internally.
 You will be signing the following honor pledge on the case cover page. Be sure it is true.
As a member of the Ohio State University, I will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.
By signing below, I attest that we have performed this analysis without sharing information about
this assignment with individuals outside of our group. I understand that any violation of this
statement by handing in any portion of another individual’s or group’s work as our own constitutes
academic misconduct. I understand that giving any portion of my group’s work to another
individual or group constitutes academic misconduct.
 Ten percent of the case value is allocated to general formatting. Your case report must be formatted
o It must have page numbers.
o It must have the required cover page as page 0 of the document. The “0” does not have to be
o All required information on the cover page must be typed, except signatures.
o Group member names must be listed alphabetically (from A to Z) in all places.
o Secure all pages of the report together with a staple in the upper, left-hand corner. Do this
before coming to class. Instructors do not carry staplers with them.
o Process any formulas or equations with the Equation Builder. Ask for help if you are unfamiliar
with the Equation...

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