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Realism Vs Idealism Essay

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Generally, everyone looks at the World through his own thoughts and views. These thoughts help us to understand the World better, and to know what is going on out there. In particular, politicians have developed many theories about global politics and the interaction with the World politics. These theories were created to shape foreign policies. There are two major theories behind any international affair policy, one of them is idealism and the other is realism. Every theory has its own history, advantages and disadvantages.
To begin with,” idealism is a term applied to any idea, goal, or practice considered to be impractical. Thus eradicating nuclear weapons is considered idealistic, as is ...view middle of the document...

In fact, INGOs are playing a great role is fighting poverty around the globe.
At the same time, the Second Word War was complete failure for idealists, as their theory could not prevent the war. Besides that, as some realism scholars argued that idealism neglects the ferocious behavior of great power states.

Nevertheless, realism asserts to take only realistic world affairs. In fact, realism in world politics is only about power and self-regard. As Hans Morgenthau said ‘Politics is a struggle for power over men, and whatever its ultimate aim may be, power is its immediate goal and the methods of acquiring, maintaining and demonstrating it determine the technique of political action’² . Although we can see realism as a one whole school, it is divided into two main schools; the first is classical realism, which interprets power politics in terms of state interest that includes self-preservation, military security, economic prosperity, and influence over other states. The second is neorealism that explains power politics in terms of anarchy.
Clearly, after...

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