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Reality And The Five Senses Essay

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The picture of reality that is around us is always constructed in our minds. Since we don’t have access to other people’s minds we fail to see their reality. The only way we can understand what is real in their world is to use our imagination. Our imagination serves us like a pair of shoes that lets us step into their world. The more we walk in their shoes, the more we know their world, and what is really in it. However, people tend to restrict reality and define it only using their five senses. Yet, this argument fails when it comes to explaining feelings that other people have experienced. This can be seen in the book, Swamplandia, when one tries to analyze the reality of Ossie’s world ...view middle of the document...

For these reasons, if we conclude her love is real and true, then it is reasonable to conclude the person that made her feel the love is also real and true. Hence, Louis Thanksgiving was not a ghost. He was real.
Everyone has a history, and their past experiences make them who they are today. Louis Thanksgiving exists and is proved to be real because of the detailed information Ossie provided all along. In the book, Ossie informed the readers that Louis Thanksgiving was born dead and orphaned at an early age. Ossie had mentioned that Louis Thanksgiving suffered a lot until the age of sixteen when living with Mr. Frederick but eventually escaped (Russell, 125-149). Thus, this information was detailed and personal. Hence, it’s reasonable to say that the character Luis actually existed as Ossie said rather than to assume that she made him up in her mind . In the book, Ava mentioned that she has tried to find out who this guy was, but she couldn’t find his name anywhere. Ava even mentioned to have checked his name in the Spiritist’s Telegraph and other items that would have had his name but it was nowhere to be found (Russell, 116). This further proves that Ossie did not make him up and that Luis is an actual person.
At times, in the human mind, it can be hard to grasp anything that challenges all of its five senses. This can be seen through people failing to accept logical reasoning if it means defying what they accept as reality. Hence, the human race took a long time to accept scientific discoveries. For instance, accepting the fact that our earth is spherical and that it revolves around the sun which we consider to be true today. These facts show that sometimes it’s better to use logical reasoning rather than trusting our five senses, and what we accept as reality. The same idea can be applied when one tries to analyze the part where Ossie drove a boat with a help of Louis Thanksgiving in the book. In the book, Swamplandia, Kiwi asked Ossie if she drove the boat by herself. She replied, “He was doing the driving through me (Russell, 377).” If we analyze this using only our five senses, we would come to a conclusion that Ossie was dreaming or hallucinating. When we analyze this story using logical reasoning, it makes sense, since no one was on the boat except her and she doesn’t know how to drive a boat. This was implied by her brother’s question though he would not have asked her if she had known already. In which we can say that someone did show her how to drive the...

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