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Reality Conflict Essay

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"This can't be it, it just can't" I said to myself as I walked down the barren streets. I was unwilling to accept this reality; there must be something more. I had created my own reality, altering my perceptions and view on reality until I came up with a world I liked. It worked for a while, I was the star in a movie and everyone around me was an actor, each playing a separate part in my little production.I peered into the passing houses, amazed at their willingness to play the game. Mindless bodies huddled around the welcoming, warm glow of the television. In a sense, T.V is nothing short of a drug; something millions tune into each night to escape the brutish realities of their lives. The ultimate opiate for the masses. I was walking towards the beach, for a reason I did not know. It just seemed right, and I'm not one to question my impulses. The warm sea breeze felt good on my cold skin. I could taste the moist salty air and it tasted great. The smell of nature, something not tainted by man.I arrived at the ocean, finding it deserted. Nature has nothing to compete with when everything you need comes from a box of lights in your living room. I walked down the beach and through a mirage of trees until I came to our beach. The beach my pals and I discovered that summer. Our own beach, free from the outside world. I climbed up the meditation tower we had built a few months earlier. Each week one of us would take a turn and sit up there for hours, just watching the waves crash. Filling our bodies with the drug meditation produces called happiness. I reached the end of the latter and sat there, staring at the falling sun, about to be distinguished in the heavenly body of water. Second by second the great flaming ball sank and sizzled into the sea. Just then, I remembered a conversation I had with my close friend earlier that day about perception. I argued that reality is just a mere projection of what our minds create. I believed that if someone truly believed they were flying than they could fly. He claimed that there is one true reality and that our individual realities were clouded by our egos. I pondered my friend's words for a while and tried to find a way to disprove his theory. In a way I think our egos are not a creation of our brain, but part of the spirit of life that inhabited our bodies. Similar to the age-old your body is a vessel belief. I began to think about Jesus walking across the Red Sea, wondering if the myth was a reality. If he believed he could walk on water and his followers truly believed he could, then he could and did.Suddenly an overwhelming force came over me and...

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