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Throughout this analysis, is a discussion of the real ethics of reality TV and how the current gender, media and popular culture depict a fusion between reality and reality on TV. The writing is based upon the "Real Appeal: The Ethics of Reality TV", Catehrine Lumby and Elspeth Probyn. The idea that anyone can become famous is not fairly evident upon most TV viewers; however it is clear that TV makes the viewer believe that what they are viewing is true and it is for this reason that it becomes reality TV. TV exposes the public to a rather promiscuous vision of reality and this tends to be the apex of reality TV. Quite clearly, as Lumby states, Reality television, as its name suggests, is a genre which attempts to trade off its relationships to real people and events.

Television is itself a common object throughout everyday life and it can on one hand depict rituals, aesthetics and dramas of every day life and on the other hand, feed the public with believable perceptions and ideologies created by normal people that seem to be real because of its televised representation. Hence almost anything portrayed on TV becomes to most individuals, a reality thus generating the Ethics of Reality TV.

According to the reading by Lumby and Probyn, Reality television exhibits the following characteristics: use of ordinary people instead of actors (such as in the Big Brother show), editing of narratives, game show-style competitions, audience involvement and other features to show that reality television is a mixture of conventional information and entertainment programs.

An example of Reality TV which epitomizes the authors thoughts regarding the ethics of reality TV is the "Fat Pizza" show broadcasted once a week on national television. This unique example shows how a group of males of non-Australian background, can influence the media into gripping the fact that their non-orthodox behaviors on the show are actually real and happen in our everyday lives. The show comprises of talkbacks, unedited video clip imaging from our everyday lives, and...

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