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Reality Television: Not What It Used To Be

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beginning of reality television. One thing many wonder and some already believe is how real “Reality” television is currently. According to McCraley in a survey of students at BGSU 61.5% of people said they did not think “Reality based shows” depicted real life accurately and 35.3 said they somewhat did. This shows that the majority of people do not think that it is realistic. The producers pick out the people and usually they end up having an equal number of men and women as well as at least one minority and one homosexual (“Reality TV”). They choose people who will cause a sensation but also look for conflict (“Reality TV”). The producers want to create story lines that the audiences ...view middle of the document...

When considering the use of media while multitasking as well as that consumed on its own young people consume 10 ¾ hours’ of media content every day.
Young people are a large portion of the viewers of many reality television shows. They are also some of the most easily influenced people as well. Some of the shows now that show some inappropriate acts and/or language on them are; Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, etc. Listed below are some statistics gathered from McKay.
• Jersey Shore averaged 5.8 million viewers, 1 million of which is between the ages of 12 and 17.
• Real Housewives of Beverly Hills averaged 2.2 million with a quarter of those viewers being under 18.
• Keeping Up with the Kardashians has around 209,000 people between the ages of 12 and 17 as viewers on average.
• America’s Next Top Model has 1 million out of 1.2 million of its viewers being minors.
• Basketball Wives has an average of 166,000 viewers being teens.
With those statistics it should be more of an issue to monitor the language and inappropriate actions on these shows. If the show knows the audience they are attracting or trying to attract then the producers need to look into what they are allowing to be shown and what they are just leaving out. Since the majority of the audiences of those shows are still at a very impressionable age they need to make sure the shows are showing things that are appropriate and don’t make females think that they need to objectify themselves to be considered beautiful or perfect.
show America’s Most Wanted (McGee). Both of these shows had parts about real crimes. Wanted only told information about real crimes and had interviews from actual victims and public authorities where as America’s Most Wanted showed reenactments of the actual crimes (McGee).
Starting out with shows that showed actual events or reenactments of actual events is the
Reality television is now best known by shows such as; Jersey Shore, Big Brother, The Bachelor,...

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