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How players of a Reality-Based show win or lose, based on the outcome of their behavior
Reality television engages the viewers by providing a story line and plot similar to the way a writer engages their readers, the only difference is viewers are seeing those things played out by regular people like ourselves. According to Penn state communications professor S.Shyman Sundar the most appealing aspects of reality television is “ The power to make audience members feel like part of the action, viewers join the creative production; the experience feels less like simply watching television and more like being a part of a shared national project”. Like most reality shows, many viewers tend to pick and choose who their favorites or least favorite players are, based on the behavior of the participants. As the game progresses viewers tend to rally for the individual who’s ethical and moral odyssey results in winning the game this is accomplished not only by being a strategic player but also being a person who doesn’t cross to many unethical boundaries. While watching a show I look for what the average person might do to win, will they play in a way that makes the viewer route for them or hope for their quick departure. In a game where a participant could win a million dollars, many players put their own personal beliefs about how people should be treated aside; some will do anything by any means to win and in doing so could result in the loss of the million dollars.
The reality-based show “Survivor” has been on the air since May, 2000. Millions of viewers from all age and backgrounds tune every week to watch sixteen people that have been dropped off in a desolate area to fend for themselves (Ryan). Viewers like myself watch not only because we want to see who wins the million dollars, but also to what extent the participant will go through in order to win the game. Viewers also watch the show because it is a strategic game and every week strategies change due to the nature of the game “Outwit and Outlast”. Another draw to the show is watching people under pressure, and how they handle it, this is something most people can relate too. These individuals have nothing but the clothes on their back, enduring torrential rain and blistering heat and at the same time are teamed up with different people to form a tribe working together to forage for necessities like food, water and shelter. From the start the players have to start forming friendships/ alliances in order to keep their place in the game. Although the game is based on strategy, some participants resort to deceitfulness and other forms of unsavory behavior. This type of behavior takes its toll on the players because it is generally not the type of behavior they exhibit outside of the game. As the show progresses through the thirty-nine days viewers like me become outraged due to the tactics some players resort to, like talking behind someone’s back who the player may have had an alliance with. The...

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