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Reality Tv Research Essay

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Gloria Michelle Medina
Professor Chapman
English 100
12 May 2014
Reality TV Research
Why is that reality TV shows instead of encouraging, end up discouraging someone? The whole purpose of being a part of a TV show is try to win because you feel confident in what you are competing for. However in shows such as Americas Next Top Model the judges seek for the contestants flaws and point them out. According to Jennifer Pozner’s “Ghetto Bitches, China Dolls, Cha Cha Divas” reality shows contradict themselves. Pozner points out that a contestant was asked what she felt she was more of, Korean or American. She said she had never really thought of it, she didn’t really know which one she considered herself more of. Why does she have to choose between either? Wasn’t she supposed to be unique? Feel confident in her own skin? Well AMNTM decided they were going to emphasize on this topic and attack her on it. We are told that we need to love ourselves, be strong, and be confident yet women are being criticized on screen. To what extent is reality TV going to be so hypercritical and contradict its slogan?
Prior to starting research to find answers, I thought that shows were hypercritical because they wanted to gain more viewers. I thought that shows started as being genuine, but since they got no reaction they started to cause their own drama. Like the quote “Money moves mountains”, shows do what is necessary to keep their shows on air. What a better way than drama? Drama attracts viewers, even if the viewers are talking smack about it they still come back to watch it, even if it’s just watching the show to criticize. It gets them to be known on social media and that gets them publicity. Most reality shows on air always have drama. I wasn't sure if I was right or wrong, but I wanted to find out.
Before I actually started to research I thought I had a well planned idea of what to search. I expected it to be easy. That I would just input certain words and the articles would just appear and I would be able to choose from all the options given. I used CSULB library database and clicked on the databases by title. I then when on Academic Search Complete. I started my research by searching “hypercritical, ” and “reality television shows.” No results were found and I was astonished by this. I had to think of other words that would bring up articles so I thought of “gratifications” and “reality television”. Articles did come out but it wasn't the answer to my main question. It answered why viewers were entertained by drama in reality television shows but not why producers did the drama. I tried searching “producers” and “reality television” but no related articles were found. I also tried “reality television,” “cause,” and “drama” but nothing came out. With the information I found I had no choice but to talk about why viewers are entertained by the drama on reality television shows.
Producers and directors of reality television shows tend to do a majority of...

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