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The play “A Streetcar named Desire” is driven by the protagonist romantic Blanche Dubois and the other characters in the play. The fantasy of Blanche and the other characters is revealed in the play when they try to hide from their reality. The characters acts as if what they were undergoing did not actually happen or were not of any importance.  The play is well written by Williams as a work of social realism. The concept of illusion or fantasy vs. the reality projects the idea of characters who want to run from their real world.
The protagonist, Blanche, in this play begins as one with sincere and fragile personality, which ...view middle of the document...

Her retreat into her fantasies enables her to shield herself from the reality’s harsh blows. Blanche’s insanity enables her to retreat and leave the real world behind to avoid accepting reality.
Through her fantasies Blanche gives Mitch an elevated existence that is alluring to both of them. Mitch is another character who opts to keep off reality because it leaves him sobbing at his loss. When he meets Blanche he gets attracted to her beauty. Mitch is thus blinded by his fantasy of marrying a beautiful woman. He is charmed and at the same time disillusioned of who she really is. When Stanley tries to warn Mitch of Blanche’s past he calls him a liar in the defense of Blanche. When truth of what he was told by Stanly dawns on him, he gets the reality, and no longer wants to marry Blanche because she was a liar.  When Mitch realizes this he escapes Blanche’s world of fantasy and lies.
Stanley like Blanche is the other character who is not willing to face the reality. He refuses the way he is described as brute and an ape, the descriptions that were right.  He is in illusion that he is in control of everything despite his using physical force and bullying to get his power. In reality he has no superiority even though he claims to be the king. He is a bully who goes to any extent to take whatever he needs in whatever way that would eradicate his competitors in the deal. In addition, Stanley is unkind and cunny and confuses his friend to see him as honorable. He lies  that 'I'd have that on my conscience the rest of my life if I knew all that stuff and let my best friend...

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