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Realize Our Planet Has Limited Resources

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In a finite world what does prosperity look like? Does it require ecological destruction and social injustice or are these just the repercussions that our fundamentally broken society has brought about? We need to flourish as human beings within the limits of our planet and to do this we must first achieve a credible vision of prosperity. To accomplish such a vision we must first recognise our limits as a planet to grasp the environmental impacts of economic activity. At the rate the human race is functioning we’re entering an era of the end of cheap oil prices, increasing human population, degradation of air, water and soil, conflicts over the use of land resources, forestry and fishing rights, steadily rising commodity prices and the problem of stabilising our global climate.
But to what extent is economic growth an adequate measure of development? Surely regularly eroding the basic of our well-being for tomorrow today isn’t development. Our failure as a society to live within our limits has led to a rapidly growing human population, excessive resource consumption and depletion and pollution on a local, regional and global scale. As population growth increases so does the need for food, shelter, water, clothes and other services and to meet these demands we rely on the Earth’s already depleting natural resources. Thus, the rapidly expanding population results in an increase in pollution and a decrease in the standard of living. A study carried out by a research group in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1970’s found that the human population would exceed the Earth’s ability to provide resources and assimilate our waste within a century if exponential growth continued. This study brought to light the unsustainable path we’re on and the urgent need for a new sustainable one. A sustainable society is defined as “one that meets its needs without preventing future generation and other species from meeting their needs”. From this definition we can take it that our economic growth is failing in terms of sustainability or is our economy incomparable with any meaningful expression of prosperity?
It should be our primary objective to live within the constraints of our finite planet and to build a sustainable society and not just to further our economic growth. In order to accomplish a sustainable society we must study our resources, non-renewable and renewable and find better ways to manage them. When it comes to economic growth economic decisions fail to take into consideration the environment. There is an interrelationship between the environment, economic growth and our values. Some of the population believe that they’re superior to nature and that the Earth offers us unlimited abundance. When these negative ethical views are employed they lead to overconsumption of our resources and environmentally costly actions. But how do we create a sustainable economy, one which values the environment? We must consider the...

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