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Very Short Stories By Jack Spearing

11511 words - 46 pages

LiquidSomething about the reflections seemed odd. It turned out there was no water in the pond after all. It wouldn't take long to suffocate here, he thought. He went home the long way by the birch trees and wrote some more and ate his plastacine to see if it really was non-toxic. It tasted like the aftershave he had been drinking earlier.After the Bazaar"You look like a broken window""You're right, I'm too tired. I can't keep working at the kilns for another night, It'd kill me I'm sure""How's Business?""Business?""Yes""Hasn't been so bad, I suppose. Perhaps things'll pick up""It's too cold really. For what they do down there, I mean""Quite""Your shoes could do with mending""I thought all the cobblers were gone""Oh they are""Good, they were all bastards""How's that florist of yours doing?""Doing? She's alright. You could say that, but it's not all true""What is around here?""Ha! Time we went in really, too cold, like you said""That wasn't what I meant""You're too tired""Not me, you""Oh, am I now? Well that explains it!""Explains?""Yes""Time we went""Yes""See you tomorrow, at the railway""See how many we can get off the trains eh?""Ha!"UnconventionalHe lived somewhere near the trees. She was over there. They met once or twice. They had both lived in the same house for twenty-nine years. The moon was unusually bright. Looking across the plains (or were they planes?), they saw nothing. Nothing was a man of around 8000 sun-ups, with black hair and eyes that didn't match. They said he was mad, but he just had good eyebrows, and people hated him for that, but said nothing. They just looked at each other and pretended to talk about tumble driers. But no one knew what no one meant. The old carousel at the piazza had been stripped of the last of its paint; the scavengers had started taking the cobbles for stonings as well.Road"Bring me my robe, and brandy, and those good cigars," said the Master to Rumble Strips. He rushed off but turned expectantly back to hear what it was the master had forgotten to request. "And Rumble Strips, ice, if you please". The Butler walked off again, and came back soon afterwards with the tray. The poison was a joke, but he left when Charles fell down the stairs. The villagers found his body at the stream a few days later.CoreThe crows gathered on the trees and shouted his name like they always did. He didn't care much for them any more, and they just taunted him anyway. He had thought it was madness, but it was just his poor hearing.To the EndHe had lost his hand. Then he remembered. He had asked someone to hold it for him. But she had grown cold. He went upstairs and found the last pill. He put his head through the window, fell, and cried on the ground.Start the line with 0He sat in the studio. A haze of nothingness filled his mind. A glimpse of an idea began to form itself, twisting and contorted, gradually forming something geometric. Angles, grids, intersections, criss-crossings and zigzags, twists and turns, elegant...

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