World Of Surrealism In The Works Fo Elsa Schiaparelli And Salvador Dali

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Surrealism, who has not heard this word nowadays? World of the dreams and everything that is irrational, impossible or grotesque, a cultural movement founded immediately after the First World War and still embraced nowadays by many artists. In order to understand it better it is necessary to look deeper into the work of two outstanding artists strongly connected with this movement, and for whom this style was an integral part of their lives.
This essay's primary objective is to look closer at Desk Suit , 1936, by Elsa Schiaparelli and compare it to Anthropomorphic Chest of Drawers, 1936, by Salvador Dali. These two pieces of art although so different, have a lot in common. To find out more and explore the world of surrealism, it will be worth studying and reviewing each art work based on the information found in several books about Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli as well as in other sources, such as You tube, journals, articles and web sites. For this purpose, the essay will open with a review of the work of Salvador Dali followed by a research on Elsa Schiaparelli's design, before finally comparing them in relation to surrealism. During the course of this essay themes such as surrealism, motif of drawers, fashion as an art and the influence of surrealism on current days, will be explored through the views of a various art critics.
Spanish painter Salvador Dali was undeniably one of the most eccentric personalities of the XX century. He is well known as a pioneer of surrealist art whose production has had a huge influence on media and modern artists around the globe . By bringing surreal elements into everyday objects he pushed surrealism forward. It is partly to his credit that surrealism is this popular today. In "Modern Masters" Alastair Sooke talks about Dali and his input into Surrealism: "Surrealism is something that conjures a sense of the bizarre and the unexpected or the irrational. The fact that we do is entirely thanks to Dali who brought surrealism into the mainstream."(Sooke 2013). Dali has not only succeeded in painting, but also in other domains such as fashion, furniture and jewellery designing or film making.
It is well known that many of Dali's paintings have a sexual meaning. "Dali took surrealism far beyond painting, his sexually suggestive shapes permeated every aspect of his life, creating things that were absurd but strangely affecting" (Sooke, 2013). His work stands out for a naturalistic technique mixed with surrealistic elements. His aim was to show his perceptions of another world as real and palpable objects. According to Victoria Pass "The key to Dali's practice as Surrealist artist was his paranoiac-critical method. This was a method through which he could intentionally misread what he saw" (Pass, 2011 p. 257). Pass also explains that "Dali's paranoiac-critical method ignored the difference between subject and object, deliberately mixing the two" (Pass, 1981 p. 257). Salvador Dali himself admitted...

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