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Albert Einstein once said, “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe” (Krieger 4). The debate over the moral and life threatening potential of nuclear weapons has been in question since the first bomb was detonated almost eight decades ago. Nuclear weapons seem rightly owned by the world’s superpowers in order to ensure protection, yet it is feared that nuclear weapons are the horrible remnant of the Cold War that may still potentially cause unilateral destruction. It has been proposed by several benevolent world powers, that nuclear weapons should be banned from the arsenal of all countries who own them, and any country that does not contain nuclear weapons should cease martial nuclear research immediately.
In banning nuclear weapons, one beneficial factor would be the elimination of the immense cost that comes with them. In 2008, over 52 billion dollars were allocated for nuclear research and development projects in the U.S. alone (Weeks). The cost to develop, experiment with and manage the waste of nuclear weapons is immense, and at times, it has been a major part of the monetary factor crippling the U.S. into budget. Nuclear weapons alone have cost the U.S. a fortune; the cost has been over 7.5 trillion dollars since the first nuke was made (Krieger 9). By putting a stop to the development of Nuclear weapons, the immense expense that comes with it will also become obsolete, and more resources can be imputed towards beneficial yet monitored energy research.

Perhaps the strongest benefit of banning nuclear weapons, no land in any country would ever become uninhabitable due to the devastation of a nuclear bomb. Radiation from a nuclear bomb’s detonation would have catastrophic effects on the area it is dropped in. Besides the fact that the explosion would totally obliterate anyone in the vicinity of “ground zero”, the explosive pressure of the blast would gruesomely injure anyone in the area, and this is not counting the fact that the debris from the blast would turn to deadly projectiles that c3ould kill on their own (Glasstone 541). Apart from the horribly gruesome burns one would receive in a blast, the radiation a person would be exposed to would also have horrible effects on humans and animals alike. The radiation would cause their entire body to basically malfunction, for most of their organs would suffer from hemorrhage and infection (Glasstone 651,616). Radiation could cause a person to transfer these disorders to their children by affecting their reproductive organs, or it could even end up damaging their brain and leaving them in a coma (Glasstone 617). In plants and fauna, radiation from a nuclear blast could destroy any crops, and those too far to be obliterated would be contaminated by the radiation which could be passed to anything that eats them (Glasstone 625). The soil and land in the vicinity of the blast would also be...

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