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Reap What You Sow Essay

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The definition of fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control. It is regarded as something determined by a supernatural power, but I believe otherwise. In fact, I believe the exact opposite. I believe that people do in fact have the power to manipulate their fate; Based on the good or bad choices they’ve made in the past. The novel Silas Marner by George Eliot , helps to explain this. Through the actions of three major characters Dunstan Cass, Godfrey Cass, and Silas Marner. These characters were chosen because they all made good or bad choices throughout the novel with a clear punishment or reward; Or in other words these characters show how they control their fate based ...view middle of the document...

Dunstan’s dead body was found in the stone pit. He caused his own death because of his greed and hate of his own brother Godfrey. If he never made the choice of robbing Silas, he never would’ve fell into the pit. This is only what he deserves for being selfish and full of spite. Dunstan clearly shows that you can control your fate based on the good or bad choices you make.
Obviously, Godfrey’s choices determined his fate. Godfrey had the choice to tell the truth. He was given this opportunity during breakfast with his father. Instead of telling his father the real reason why he gave the rent money to Dunstan, he says, ‘“ I wouldn’t have spent the money myself, but Dunsey bothered me, and I was a fool and let him have it”’(69). He could’ve told the truth and relieve himself of Dunstan. Next, Godfrey had the choice to admit that Eppie is his child. This chance arrived at Silas’s cottage when he took a look at Molly Farrens’ body. The right thing to do there was to take Eppie from Silas like a good father would’ve. Instead, he says to Silas, ‘“Let me give you something towards finding it clothes”’(120). Godfrey was thinking only of getting Eppie out of the way, so that he could continue courting Nancy Lammeter. He put himself over his own daughter just to get what he wants. All of the sudden, 16 years later, Godfrey goes to ask Eppie to live with him. Eppie declined his request with all due respect. As she says, ‘“ Thank you, ma’am- thank you, sir for your offers- they’re very great, and far above my wish. For I should have no delight i’ life any more if I was forced to go away from my father, and knew he was sitting at home,a-thinking of me and feeling alone. We’ve been used to be happy together every day, and I can’t think o’ no happiness without him. And he says he’d nobody i’ the world till I was sent to him, and he’d have nothing when I was gone. And he’s took care of me and loved me from the first, and I’ll cleave to him as long as he lives, and nobody shall ever come between him and me”’(174). This is exactly what Godfrey deserved for not making the right choices in the past. Such as, choosing to accept Eppie the moment he got the chance. In general, Godfrey had his fate in his hands, and it was his choice to let it slip.
Silas Marner’s choices definitely...

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