Reasearch Paper On Henry V Comparing Historical Validity As Well As The Character Of Henry V.

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Saccio, Peter. "Henry V: The King Victorious." Shakespeare's English Kings: History,Chronicles and Drama. New York: Oxford University Press, 1977. 65-89.Williams, Charles. "Henry V." 20th Century Interpretations of Henry V. Ed. RonaldBerman. New York: Prentice-Hall Inc, 1968. 29-35.There are many issues that are in question when regarding the historical value of Henry V; for example Henry's hazy childhood, his coming of the throne and lastly his rule of England and the consequent conquers in France. Contrary to what Shakespeare portrays as Henry's childhood in Henry V, Henry was actually very interested in politics at a young age and remained interested all the way until taking over the throne. Shakespeare however portrays Henry as a flagrant "wild-man" as a youth, endlessly causing trouble; but in all actuality Henry was more experienced and skilled in politics than the majority of rising princes. Henry's interest in the government at such a young age should counteract any claims of his irrational behavior as a youth. In taking over the throne many reports claimed Henry to be a changed "new" man. There were a few Generals that were not correctly represented according to history, for example Thomas of Exeter, who was present at the battle of Agincourt, was not promoted to his position until after the battle was over. Also, Generals Warwick and Westmoreland were not in fact present at the battle of Agincourt. Over the course of Henry's reign he had to suppress only a minimal two uprisings; this was virtually unprecedented. The first was a Lollard uprising that occurred in January of 1414, which was a religiously related uprising hence the reason for its omission, and secondly the plot for Henry's assassination. One of Henry's close confidants was supposed to take his throne when the assassination was executed, however he confessed to it and was spared; the assassinators were not as lucky. Henry's most prolific achievement on the throne would have to of been his conquest of France, which is ever so hastily summarized in the Henry V. Shakespeare summarizes the events that took place between Agincourt and Troyes with the chorus preceding Act V, as well as completely skipping the last of the campaign on France and hardly mentioning Henry's death. Henry did not only invade France because he thought he deserved the throne but also, because of a higher income to the throne as well as the thought of a foreign war brought domestic unity. It is believed the first scenes of the play in regards to the commencement of the war are unhistorical, largely due to Holinshed's faulty information, for example it is certain Archbishop Chichele did not make the speech about Salic Laws also his reasoning for the speech is unhistorical. The bill, that would strip the hierarchy of England of a hefty amount of money, is in fact factual. On the contrary, the "tennis ball" insult that was directed at Henry was not historical, for the Dauphin was himself nine years younger...

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