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Ethics in this point of time is very important, mostly in business organizations. As globalization in earth is a real and growing matter, mainly organizations need to be aware and have the knowledge of the ethical values. People have the right to be well treated meaning they should get well paid (get the minimum wedge), be over the minimum age working age allowance, essentially this two aspects are one of the most important ones. Companies need to be strong enough to overcome the temptation of the countries that offer this kind of unethical working ethics, a lot of times people don’t realize immoral behavior, they just do it a lot of times because of the economical problems the country has.

What is ethics? Ethics is the moral principals by witch people conduct themselves personally socially and professionally. “The perceived conflict between the traditional corporate objective of profit maximization and the overall desire for increased social welfare.” Although ethically responsible business practices are generally desired, opinions about what these practices are and how they should be encouraged are diverse, but the complexity of the current business environment complicates the development and implementation of resolutions to ethical issues towards the industry, and this is what is happening with Nike.

Nike has been one of the biggest sport companies in the whole world, this makes this company really powerful, and they have been gaining more power over the years. But this doesn’t mean that this company is perfect, like everyone and everything in the world, Nike has a lack of commitment with some really important ethical issues like the social or children responsibilities. Nike has created a code of business conduct & ethics called “inside the lines” this was a very significant agreement between Bill Bowemand and Phil Knight meaning that they will begin a revolution of conducting the business with integrity and commitment to the highest ethical standards. “Over 40 years after that handshake Nike maintains the very same integrity fundamental to our commitment to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Nike's Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, "Inside the Lines", is a reflection of that commitment and serves to formalize the principles under which we operate.” (citar) Despite all of the commitments Nike has done and yet, all of the thing they say there still are a lot of rumors of unethical matters.

This issues in other hand can obligate this company to suffer a bad...

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