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Reason(S) For Attending Colleges Or Universities

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People claimed that they attend college and universities for various reasons. From my point of view, all these reasons can be generalized as career preparation. In order to be ready for further career development, people need to prepare themselves in all aspects like professional knowledge, independent research abilities and a network of professionals. Nevertheless, college or university is the best place where people can get prepared.First of all, career development demand rich knowledge in a certain profession. Knowledge of different areas varies a great deal and demand dedicated years of focused study. There is nowhere other than university that you can study those knowledge in a concentrated manner. College curriculums are carefully designed to establish knowledge foundation for students and to catch up lasted developing trends. Moreover, university courses are schooled by experts, who had accumulated plentiful experiences in their targeted field. Not to mention the resourceful facilities like libraries and laboratories where are ideal to get plentiful supports. Can you imagine anywhere else other than universities where have carefully prepared curriculum, experienced professor, resourceful study material in the same place?Secondly, future career success demand highly on your research ability, which is trained in your university study as well. University education are different from secondary education, since you not only have to study independently but also to cooperate with other students, under professor's guidance. For example, in an assigned group study on a given topic, you have to collect and analyze information by...

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