Reason Why People Watch Reality Tv Shows

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Have you ever wondered why people are so addicted to watching their favorite shows on TV? Have you ever wondered why reality TV is so popular? This paper is an explanation of why large numbers of people watch reality TV shows. Proof and facts will be provided showing that reality TV provides entertainment, inspiration, the stirring of emotions, vicarious living, and a substitute for social life for many who watch. Here are a few examples of these statements.
One of the main reasons for watching reality TV is to provide people with entertainment. To an extent, the majority of society has a desire to explore what goes on in the world around them. People like watching drama that occurs on public television. “Insults, temper tantrums, selfishness, gross behavior, and plain old stupidity- these are the main ingredients for most of today’s reality TV shows. Guess who is watching them? Millions of viewers just like you” (Cohen). “Viewers cannot seem to get enough of the torture, embarrassment, temptation, and above all, drama of other regular, everyday people being placed in unrealistic settings and manipulated for the world to see” (Pontius). These two quotes state that the reason that the majority of our society watches these shows, is that they are entertained by the supposed reality that is portrayed.
A second reason for people’s love of reality television, is the fact that reality TV can stir the viewer’s emotions. “While some cheer for their favorite celebrity on Dancing with the Stars….” (Lehmann). “ Or cry with joy watching Say Yes to the Dress…” ( Lehmann). These are just two of many example quotes that show that people sometimes get very emotional by simply watching other people live out their lives so publicly. Many people identify with the highs and lows experienced by the people they are watching.
A third reason people watch reality TV is that people are inspired by the changes they see in the lives of others. Someone could be watching the Food Network and be suddenly inspired to cook a big fancy meal for their family. Or they could be watching the show “Hoarders: Buried Alive” and then feel the sudden need to clean their house!
A fourth reason people watch their favorite shows because they have certain dreams or desires. Seeing them demonstrated by characters on television gives those people a way to live vicariously through them. For someone with a passion for singing, they may watch “American Idol” as a way of longing to be onstage singing in front of millions of viewers. There might also be someone who is struggling with their weight who likes to vicariously live through people on “The Biggest Loser” which is a television series that shows people who struggle with obesity, and their long fighting journey to become thin and fit. Some people just want to find ways to change. They want to find ways to change all kinds of things such as looks, and habits.
A fifth reason some watch reality T.V. is to elevate their self-esteem by making...

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