Reasons Against Correspondence Courses Essay

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People are always trying to find a shortcut, a way to make life easier. College students are no different, especially since for many it is their first time out in the real world without the constant supervision of parents and various other authority figures. The actual coursework tends to be not very high on their list of priorities. How to get around it, have more time for extracurricular activities and still get good grades is. In my situation, I was attempting find a way to graduate in December, yet not spend all my time at school. Eighteen hours in one semester seemed to be too much class time. Like many others trying to take the most classes with the least amount of classroom time, I thought correspondence courses would be the perfect solution. You pay for the class and get a lesson book in the mail telling you what chapters to read, what homework to send in, and which of those chapters are on the exam. When you are ready, the exam is then sent to your local college and you have thirty days to go in and take it. You have nine months to complete the entire course, but other than that there is no time frame. No teacher to prod you along, no early morning class, no due dates looming ahead to take up your time, what easier way to earn credit. You can learn at your own pace within a limit. You never step foot in a classroom, except for that occasional mid-term and final exam. Your instructor is hundreds of miles away. There is no way he can interrupt your schedule or harass you for that missed homework. This sounded like a wonderful idea to me. You may read that description and say to yourself, "these courses are perfect." Wrong. These are actually the very reasons you should steer clear of correspondence courses. Learning at your own pace can be hazardous to your college career. In the beginning, having no set time to attend class and not having anything due on a certain date may seem like the ideal class, but compare the two. Option number one, you are in a regular classroom. You know that you have an assignment due next week. The week after that you have a test. Sure, you may put it off for a few days, but you know it's coming up and there is no way around it. So you prepare, and in the end you are still on schedule. Now put yourself in a different situation, taking a course by correspondence. There are twelve...

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