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How do you know when you are addicted to something? Is it a choice or just an effect? What most people do not understand, is that no one really chooses to be an addict. Being addicted to something such as drugs, alcohol, food, etc., is not due to someone waking up one day and saying 'hey, I would really enjoy not being able to cope without a substance.' It is mostly due to deeper issues like depression or influences, things of that nature, which lead someone on the path for their search of an escape. More times than not, that escape is found in drugs or alcohol. These substances allow a false reality to take place. They alter a persons mind, and let them believe, for that five minutes or hour, that their problems are nonexistent. That "feel good" high makes a person want more and they, in turn, become addicted to this substance because it is the only thing that makes them feel good. What is the root of this effect, though? It can differ from anything from having a loved one die, to just feeling left out in a group. In my situation, however, it all started out with a silly girl. Drug abuse can result from three basic things: depression, influences, and being unaware.
In most drug related cases, depression is an immediate cause. Having something catastrophic happen in someones life, maybe the person is just lonely, possible psychological issues, or even just family problems can amount to depression. A major reason depression leads to drug abuse is because people do not talk about their problems. Instead, they let it ball up until they have no way to get away from them. In some ways, drugs are like a last resort. When someone is unsure of how to fix their problems, they will often turn to an outside source rather than dealing with them on their own. My boyfriend had a situation much like this. It all started because he became emotionally wrecked after his first "real love" screwed him over. Instead of getting his problems out and dealing with them, he dealt with them the only way he knew how - turning to drugs. His depression only worsened as he pushed the feelings backward and took in the snuff; which allowed him to relax and reprieve from himself. As soon as the high ceased, however, the depression revived and the urge for just a little bit more reoccurred. Drugs are an escape, but only for a while. The escape is what is addicting. The longing for that instant happiness and mind-opening experience is what is addicting, and it is dangerous.
The main reason people resort to drug addiction is because of influences. When most people hear the word influences, they often think peer pressure. That is stupid. Peer pressure has nothing to do with addiction or abuse of drugs. Even if someone is repeatedly offered drugs, it is still their own choice whether or not to use. People are influenced by friends, media, even parents in some cases, but they are only influenced. They are not forced. Many users will turn to drugs as a social thing. Based on...

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