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Reasons Behind Haiti's Poverty Essay

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Dear Mrs. Smith, editor of Newsweek Magazine,
I recently read your article entitled Reasons Behind Haiti’s Poverty, where you raised a lot of interesting points regarding the aforementioned topic. In your article the main reasons behind Haiti’s poverty were as follows: decades of American occupation; Natural disasters; environmental destruction; the scourge of HIV; and the inadequate control of Haiti’s finances. It is indeed a shame that such a promising young country, with wonderful ideas and a beautiful culture has so clearly lost its way through many of the reasons you listed.
Haiti’s potential and promise when it comes into existence was great. It was the first country, as you pointed out, to ban slavery in 1793. By doing that, they didn’t just set an example in terms of liberating the Haitians from slavery, it set an example to all the people who faced colonialism (i.e. supported the independence of Latin America). As a result, the great colonial countries of the time threatened to invade Haiti as they felt jeopardized by the way it had influenced people.
Eventually, Haiti got invaded by France in 1805. As you mentioned, for Haiti to have attained its independence, it was demanded to pay plenty of money (equivalent to 22 billion dollars in today’s money) to France. As abolishing slavery in Haiti triggered the anger inside many of the surrounding countries, they wanted Haiti to pay the price. Due to the fear of Haiti encouraging an American slave rebellion, the USA decided to invade from 1915 until 1934. By the end of this torturous stage, Haiti lost most of its money and most importantly, many of its people.
Furthermore, you raised a very important point towards the end of your article. I believe that natural disasters and environmental destruction are the roots that lead to the growth of poverty in Haiti. After doing some secondary research, I found out that the Dominican Republic has about 28% of the forests, 1% of which is in Haiti. You also...

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