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Reasons Behind The Failure Of The Provisional Government

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Reasons Behind the Failure of the Provisional Government

The provisional government was brought about after the fall of the
Tsarist government collapsed. This was done purely because of lack of
support for the Tsar and being the only major party. They were in
power for 8months and after making five serious errors; they were
removed from power by force. Kerensky ran the provisional government
and it was his lack of judgement, just like the Tsars stupidity and
gullibility that let him down.

The first error he made was that he made no attempt to make the
provisional government legitimate. It never held a democratic
election for fear of losing status. Even though at the start of their
reign they could have won the election and become legitimate,
Kerensky’s lack of judgement made him decide against it. When the
soviets issued ‘Order No1’ he should have taken the chance he got to
remove it as it caused him to partially lose control of the army – one
of his methods of control of the country. The officers were rendered
powerless and the balance of power was clearly seen to shift away from
Kerensky. Finally, the Duma (The Provisional Government) represented
the upper class of society and seeing as 90% of the population of
Russia were peasants this left him in no position to call an election
as even if all the people he appealed to voted for him, he still would
not win it.

Kerensky thought he was going to win the war even though the chances
were that he wouldn’t as his army was under funded with minimal
resources, awful conditions and weather and very few tactics. It
caused a huge amount of damage to the economy and the soldiers
involved were obviously going to be against what was clearly
committing suicide. This caused many of them to leave the army and
others to not fight and join. This left an army that was majorly
weakened and people thought that, like the Tsar he was a loser of
wars. The populations now have an even worse opinion of him and it
was not good for his popularity.

Kerensky underestimated the Bolshevik’s and Lenin. Once he had fought
off their uprising with Lenin’s plan of ‘Peace for the Army, Bread for
the Workers and Land for the Peasants’, he thought sending Lenin to
exile was sufficient. After Lenin accepted that he had lost his
chance to become President, an uprising in Petrograd (Kornilov Affair
– a point I will go onto in my next paragraph) means Kerensky has to
rearm the Bolsheviks in order to retain order. This leaves other
countries and supporters of Lenin with a chance to send him back into
the country and to try and push the country into another revolution
(bringing about communism ideally). Lenin’s plan to try to please as
many people as possible could come back into effect and this time it
had a substantially negative effect on...

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