Reasons For And Outcomes Of The Mexican War

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Aggravated with overcrowding, rising prices and economic depression; many Americans sought to start a new life away from the eastern seaboard. Those looking for new farm land and trade opportunities cast their eyes on the resources that lay in the vast domain to the west. It did not matter to them if the areas lie in a foreign country or was already inhabited by Mexicans or Indians. Americans justified taking land and displacing Mexicans and Indians through their belief of Manifest Destiny and white supremacy. Americans’ hunger for land and resource took a toll on Mexico. The turmoil of a new Mexican government, Annexation of Texas, and American scheme to acquire Mexican territory led to Mexico ceding all land north of Rio Grande from Texas west to California.
Trouble began long before Mexico gained their independence from Spain. The government in Mexico became destabilized and chaotic when the French arrested the Spanish King and occupied Spain in 1807 (Tindall & Shi, 2010, pg.386). This disordered rule led Miguel hidalgo y Costilla, a creole priest, to organize a revolt to declare Mexican freedom from Spanish rule; however, he was eventually captured and executed in 1811 (Tindall & Shi, 2010, pg. 386). This did not dissuade the creoles from continued efforts to gain independence from Spain. With the new found freedom in 1821, Mexico struggled to establish and maintain a secure government. Control in the country was mainly localized and ripe with corruption. The decentralized and ineffective central control spurred revolts in California. Mexico hoped to improve their situation through better relations with The United States.
Mexico invited American pioneers to live in the Texas region in hope of stabilizing the border with the United States (Tindall & Shi, 2010, pg. 394). Most of the new settlers were southern cotton farmers enticed by cheap land. Some brought slaves along to tend the fields. By 1830, 20,000 Anglo emigrants and 1,000 slaves outnumbered the Mexicans in the coastal area and cared little for the local religion or culture (Tindall & Shi, 2010, pg. 395). Troubled by the influx of Americans and opposition to slavery, Mexico denied further immigration into the Texas province. This, however, did not deter new American settlers from entering Texas illegally. When General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna seized power in Mexico, the Texans took advantage of Mexican government turmoil and demanded more representation and power from Mexico. After Santa Anna refused to grant their request, the Texans rebelled. A small defense force of Texans and American volunteers held up in the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. They fought off the Mexican army for twelve days but were eventually defeated. During the conflict at the Alamo, delegates from fifty-nine Texas towns signed a...

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