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Reasons For Dropping Out Of School

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Because of his successful life, Steve Jobs was invited to give the commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. However, Jobs did not graduate higher education. In addition, he quite Reed Collage because the college did not suitable for his perspective of his life, and he also lacked tuition expenses for study ( Jobs is just an example of people who did not graduate from college. In the real world, people have many reasons why they drop out from school. Students leave school, even thought they do not graduate from schools because of financial aids, students’ interested, and crime.
First important reason why students drop out school is tuition expenses. In high schools and lower education, most of schools are funded by government, so parents does not much their budget for their children. In higher education, however, parents have to pay tuition. That is a painful problem for poor family. In poor families, they have low salary. Every single dollar is worth for them to survive such as homeless. They better have money for food than go to university because food makes them alive. In addition, some poor families are unemployed. Poor parents cannot give their saving for their children to go to university since they are not sure when they will be hired again.
As a result of large family, some family cannot let their children go to university. My grandmother, for instance, is a middle class who has six children. Follows from her large family, she let the youngest and the oldest children go to school. Mother, who is in the middle of her children, had to drop out from school and help my grandmother collect money for tuition. Consequently, some of my aunts and uncle had graduated and some did not.
The second reason for quitting school is students’ interested. Some students find that their majors are wrong when they have enrolled academic class for years. One effect of wrong majors is misunderstanding. Many students choose subject off their interested. One of my friends who studied engineer had to change his major after he found that he did not like mathematic. Another...

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