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Reasons For Employers To Adopt Pay –For Knowledge Pay Programs

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Reasons for employers to adopt pay –for-knowledge pay programs
"Pay-for-Knowledge systems give employees higher pay as an incentive for each new skill or job they learn". Many organizations of today are like to adopt these pay for knowledge system because of it can use regardless of specialized industry and sizes of company and especially suitable for the medium size organization between 150-2000 employees. Under such plans, a typical employee starts at a base rate, and as he or she learns different jobs in the organization, the pay rate increases simultaneously. There are six reasons for adoption; to removes entitlement label, connects pay to job-related abilities, increase employee ...view middle of the document...

New and different work skills required are required by employees to perform the tasks as changes have fostered an increased in autonomy and team-oriented work places. Automation of more tasks, employers combine jobs and confers broader responsibilities on workers as they are required to have knowledge on the operations of the various automotive machines. Automation of more tasks, employers combine jobs and confers broader responsibilities on workers as they are required to have knowledge on the operations of the various automotive machines. Generally, the advantage of the pay-for-knowledge for using technological can be found in manufacturing that use assembly lines and the workplace where one employee’s job depends on the work of at least one other worker. TOYOTA, GENERAL MORTOR AND BELL SPORTS are the best significant example of why the employer should adopt pay-for-knowledge for automation. To pay for the knowledge to a technician for changing automation instead of assembly lines is not a cost, it is the profit for reducing cost, improving quality, reduce inventory, improve response times and improve ergonomic.
Increased Global Competition
After globalization has been developed, the marketplace of the organization can be worldwide and need to corporate the suppliers, division managers and customers all over the...

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