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Reasons For New Independence Essay

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Thomas Paine's Common Sense pamphlet is an argument for American independence. There is talk on how when the settlers first came to America they still when by the English government and did not create there own. Also how he dislikes monarchies and how he views government should be or how he proposes it. He also talks how people who are rulers of monarchies have the power like God there devine right to be in the place that they are in. Then he goes into how America can not recosol ties with Great-Britain due to that in the future there will be more problems than there are at the moment and it could cause problems for there traid. Through time things had changed since the settlers came to the new world.
When the settlers first came to the new world they came from England, arriving with their English ways of seeing government with and with their notions of government centered around it. They did not choose to create an new government from scratch but just went off on what they all already had connecting the English government in the process. There and idea that is put into our view that if you were to put a people into a secluded place they would “in this state of natural liberty, society will be their first thought” (4). In this Pain is trying to say that normally when someone is free they naturally make a society that has a government, but through still having English ideals and a connection to England that is not possible to lose their connection to be unique. Pain sees government in a way that is independent from Great-Britain that can make its independent decisions without intervention. He also informs that there government is there to as a force that prevents harmful thing from happening, but that society is the one that has to achieve the particular aim that they want to go into but carefully planned. There is a lot of influence in the way Pain has interest in the thinking of a modern type of government with different ideas. This is mainly due to that he does not like monarchical governments and says that they are never long at rest (40). He then has a proposal to the people that are reading the pamphlet which is that there should be different districts that are connected to a congress. In having the congress there would be different delegates that would come from all the different colonies. There would also be a precedent that would be a rotating one that would come from each colony. In all this system of having a precedent would give the colonies a great power on a national scale. In proposing this he uses many types of references to make a complete thought.
Through the pamphlet, Thomas Paine wrought, there are any biblical references to describe something. In the part of the plapleth Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession he wants to make the point that a monarchy is not natural and not preferable institution to be under. In having a monarchy there would be a king or queen that would be the ruler of them with their divine...

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