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Causes Of The Boudiccan Revolt (References To Modern And Ancient Historians As Well As Archaeological Evidence).

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The Boudiccan Revolt of 60 AD was a monumental event in Celtic and Roman history, which explains our historical fascination as to why and how the Revolt was propagated. When looking for a distinct cause one would perhaps immediately pinpoint the mistreatment of Boudicca and her daughters however there is a multitude of contributing factors, including: Roman oppression; humiliation of invasion and dictatorship; overwhelming Celtic pride resulting in severe hatred of anything Roman; Financial issues caused by exploitation; and perhaps also food shortages. All these factors are justified by an array of sources that include Ancient writers ( Tacitus and Dio Cassius), Modern Writers (Todd, Burn and Allason-Jones) and plenty of archaeological evidence which will be mentioned later.Perhaps the rape of Boudicca's daughter and the flogging of Boudicca herself were major contributing factors but they're more importantly the catalyst. Queen Boudicca's outrage would of been the final injustice to the Iceni tribe. Tacitus describes that the Celtic Icenians were willing to take some oppression but "not yet to slavery". Dio Cassius agrees that this was a factor; the mistreatment of Boudicca and her daughters was an insult to all Icenians.According to modern expert Allason-Jones it [the rapes] were also injustices by Roman Law. She states the punishment of rape by Roman soldiers, was cutting off the suspects nose and the granting of a third of his wealth to the victim. Jones sees the fallibility lies greatly with the negligent Nero, whom was so disinterested in the British provinces that laws became more guidelines. Roman soldiers in Britain knew the consequences will not be justly carried out so their actions helped spark the catalyst that caused the Revolt.Oppression of many Celtic lifestyle characteristics occurred often in Britain, which would obviously have driven the Icenians to Revolt for freedom. Romans oppressed the Celts in many areas of their culture, however it became particularly alarming in Celtic religion - Druidism. The Romanisation became insulting and very abrasive to Celtic way of life when the Temple of Claudius (among other Roman religious places) was constructedat Camulodunum. Here the deified Claudius, the individual that created the state of Britain at 60 AD was further creating insult as Celtic religious beliefs were being extinguished. The Celtic hatred for this religious oppression is made evident by the archaeological evidence. The temple if burnt to the ground ( symbolically Romans were trapped inside, almost sacrificially) and a statue of Claudius that was situated in the temple was destroyed and pieces subsequently scattered, such as the head which was found sixty kilometres away in the Alde River. Religious oppression was a cause.Culturally Icenians revered the art of coin minting, its tradition has long been documented. Found in coin hordes in Iceni are many Roman coins, oppression of the Arts hence could of been a cause.The...

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