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Causes Of The Declaration Of War Against The British

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When we fought for our independence the first time with Britain, it was because we did not like the way the British was using us and treating us poorly in comparison with their own homeland. Britain tried to keep us underneath their arms; to hold us closely and extort our land and take advantage of our people, but with the revolution, we kept them out. We made a peace treaty with Britain, but apparently Britain thought they could still control us; Britain thought that they could keep ‘tabs’ on us and prevent us from doing any trading with France while they were in all-out war with them. Napoleon was making his rounds within Britain and with all the things that Britain had pulled on us from the year before up to the now, the good people of America figured it would be a good chance to show Britain that we were not kidding when we said we wanted independence. And what better time than to do it while they were at war?
There were many causes of the declaration regarding the war, with the first one being that Britain, abducted American merchant sailors for the sake of forcefully enlisting them to fight for the Royal Navy service, also known as impressment. Interestingly, this issue was actually already solved two days after war had been declared. The British had agreed to end the acts of impressment, and yet we still use it as a major reason regarding the declaration of war.
Often, Britain would violate the Treaty of Paris which was the treaty formed at the end of the American Revolution. The British would invade U.S. areas located within the western frontier. Then there was the issue of Britain working with the Native Americans to conduct acts of aggression towards traders in the Americas in an effort to scare them away and all for British dominance with regards to the land in the Americas.
Finally, there was the hunger and desire for more land which really fed Americans into starting this war, especially the legislators who had a lust for war—known as the war hawks. Adding to the fact that part of Florida was owned by Spain who was aligned with Great Britain regarding the Napoleonic wars. So the good American people deduced that maybe if they defeated Britain in their self-declared war, they would have the possibility to gain Spain’s ownership of Florida and complete their collection of land, adding on to that of the Louisiana Purchase. On June 1st, 1812, the declaration for war had been received and only the American side took preparations for battle.
The battles on land began with three major campaigns running along the Canadian border which included the river of the Niagara, the Lake Champlain area and the western part of the border with each not ending quite as well as the Americas had hoped. The British’s most promising ally was Tecumseh, who was a Shawnee sachem. The first person that Tecumseh came across was William Hull who had sent scouts to analyze Lake Erie. Tecumseh ambushed these troops and assumed that that there were many more...

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