Causes Of American Involvement In Wwii

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World War II began in 1939 and ended in 1945. This war killed more people and destroyed more property than any other war with fifty-nine countries being involved in(2). Pearl Harbor, the first sneak attack by another country on US soil was a pivotal beginning to the war for the United States. There were many reasons for the United States to get involved into the war and help its allies, but it was Pearl Harbor which forced us into it. Because of Pearl Harbor, Hitler and the crimes against humanity that he committed it justified United States entry into the war.
But why did it even happen in the first place? The world was going to war again for the second time in 27 years(1). Economic depression was going on throughout European countries and war was the last thing that the world wanted, or needed. How was Germany able to slip through the cracks of appeasement, rebuild and rearm itself for another war? Why wasn't the Treaty of Versailles upheld to check all German aggression? World War II will forever go down in history as the bloodiest war, the most costly war, and one that shouldn't have happened.
When the Germans invaded Poland on September 1st 1939 the world would once again have to take up arms against aggression(1). Unbelievably, so soon after 'the war that will end war', the allied nations had allowed Germany and its axis powers to rearm itself and once again threaten the world. The cost in lives and in dollars was never thought to be as high as it ended up. This would last six years, involve more than two hundred countries, costing 55 million lives and material damage of some 3 billion dollars(1). US involvement would come later in the war because the US had a strong isolationist foreign policy and had made it clear that it would not intervene militarily in Europe to support Britain and France.
The Treaty of Versailles which was created after World War one by the European countries was not being enforced and Germany's invasion of Poland and other countries were going unchecked. England and France, fearing another war established a policy of appeasement to by time and rearm its forces. The European countries believed that Hitler would only retake the Sudetenland; this land was historically Germany's homeland(6). This was another mistake by France and England because with the Sudetenland he gained the famous Skoda armament factories and was ultimately a more dangerous military opponent(6). Until the remainder of Czechoslovakia was swallowed in 1939 all Hitler had done seemed reasonable(6). Until then he had only tried to obtain lands where ethnic Germans lived(6). The disregard of the Treaty of Versailles would be the main factor that allowed Germany to regain their power and ultimately bring the world into another war.
Now that world war had once again begun, US involvement seemed inevitable. The United States didn't want to be involved in foreign, political wars. We wanted to be left alone. As a result, the Senate was...

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