Reasons For Wanting To Be Educated At Fort Street High School: Very Helpful For Students Wantin To Get Into A Selective School.

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Fort Street High School has been providing opportunities for its students for over 150 years, and is a school where academic excellence has continued to be valued. Fine teachers can affect a student's future very significantly and the teachers at Fort Street High School are all dedicated and knowledgeable. All students have different potentials and talents and in a school such as Fort Street, this potential and talent is nurtured and developed to the maximum extend. In addition, working with other committed students creates a competitive environment for all, and this is beneficial because it encourages each student to strive for greater achievement. Furthermore, Fort Street is acclaimed for its racial tolerance and social acceptance. This is a very important aspect of education as studying harmoniously together will bring out the best in people.Fort Street High School opens paths and opportunities and leads its students to success. It is a school where academic achievement is actively encouraged. Many famous legends attended Fort Street and the school contributed extensively towards their success. For example, Myer Rosenbulum was a famous Australian Jew who migrated to Sydney in 1914. A few years later, he enrolled at Fort Street and was given the opportunity to play rugby for the school. At the age of 21, he was chosen to play in the Waratah team and Fort Street contributed much to his later success as it explored his talent and further expanded his rugby skills. Another famous legend is one of the current Australian High Court Judges, Justice Michael Donald Kirby who even wrote papers celebrating the sesquicentenary of Fort Street (1849-1999). He recalled numerous...

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