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Reasons For Watching Horror Films And Scary Movies

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SPEAKER CREDIBILITY: I love horror flicks, in fact I’d rather watch a scary movie than any other genre there is. There’s something about the spine tingling chillers that get me excited and wanting more blood. I am charismatically enticed by horror flicks and simultaneously disgusted by them. I have been watching in various forms monsters chase young victims through dark homes and alleys, with knifes, chainsaws, drills, axes, and other weapons for years. The violence is so foreseeable, that I often know when the bad guys will appear, who will die and in what order. The arrangements of killer pictures are familiar, but nonetheless disconcerting. At night, after watching a horror film from, I switch on an extra light to help ease my discomfort, at times I've even resorted to sleeping with my mother and putting on a happy cartoon.
THESIS STATEMENT: There are a number of theories as to why people like to watch scary movies.
PREVIEW MAIN POINTS: today I will discuss, some of the reasons we are interest, the chemicals in our bodies that are set off when we watch them and ways to be less afraid when watching these horrifying movies.

I some of the reasons we are attracted to horror films is because:
A. “Some researchers suggest that they are the man's way of experiencing fear in a controlled setting. Such an experience may prove enjoyable, since the fear can be controlled, and is limited to a fictional form of escapism that lasts for a couple of hours” (Elli-Christensen, 2014).
1. When watchers experience a horror movie they are usually in a theater or the comfort of their own homes. Although the killings can be a bit frightening the viewer’s know that that what they are seeing is not at all real.
2. the terror is temporary because the control is in the viewer’s hands, they are well aware that they can well aware that they can always get up and walk away or that escaping a graphic image is just a click away.
B. “In the real world, people simultaneously can experience both happiness and sadness, exhilaration and anxiety,” study author Joel Cohen, a professor of marketing and anthropology at the University of Florida, told LiveScience. He says that people enjoy excitement, even if it’s from a negative source, “otherwise, things could be pretty dull” (Rivas, 2013).
1. Watching a horror flick is somewhat like riding a roller coaster. You know that feeling of excitement you get at the carnival when you see a freaky ride. You know it’s a must do but when you buckle down you feel a little frightened and want to get off. Then, before you know it you’re in midair screaming at the top of your lung, and after it done you’re ready for the next thrill.
2 in scary movies are emotions tend to get involved, the watcher tend to put themselves in the places of the...

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