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Reasons I Am Pro Choice Essay

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“God send us someone to cure cancer, AIDS, etc., etc.” “I did but you aborted them.” Abortion is a very serious topic that is separated by two groups pro-life or pro-choice who often argue on what is fair. Pro-choice is the people who believe it is the woman’s choice to choose if she wants an abortion or not. They don’t think the fetus is a human until a certain point in the pregnancy. Pro-life is when people believe that getting an abortion is killing a human being with rights. They want abortion to be illegal whether the woman wants one or not. Even though some say that having an abortion is killing an innocent baby and that it brings on many problems later in life, many pregnant women are not ready to have a child and some just do not want kids and they should have the right to get an abortion. If abortion was made illegal many would turn to “back-alley abortions” which are done in unsafe ways and it could result in more fatalities.

It is common for anti-choicer to claim that having an abortion can lead to many complications in the future. Some say that having an abortion if you have been pregnant before increases the chances of breast cancer significantly but research found that this was not true. It is also said that having an abortion can lead to several disorders like depression, being bipolar and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Although it is a possibility, the original test was faulty because the subjects were not screened before hand to see if they already had the disorders. Others may say that an abortion is more dangerous that giving birth even when preformed by a professional. In reality, carrying a pregnancy to turn can be 10 times more dangerous than having an abortion but having an abortion still has it’s risk. In short, many pro-life/anti-choice supporters will often make claims that are not true to try and scare a women out of getting an abortion.

Many women are not ready and don’t want to have children. About 48% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended at the time of conception. Having an abortion is a permanent decision but so is having a baby. When young women get pregnant unintentionally they often have trouble with going through with things that they wanted to do with their lives. An example would be the difficulty in going to or finishing college to pursue their goals in life. They need to get jobs to support their children and take care of their children especially in the...

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