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Reasons To Abandon Sponsoring Sports In American High Schools

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The concern that average American students perform worse than most students from other developed countries has trigged debate that whether U. S should still support school sponsored sports program. Although research shows potential positive relationship between sports and academics, U. S high school should stop sponsoring sports program because of huge price both students and school paid in order to participate in physical activities, including money and time.
It is undeniable that expense on sports are incredibly large. When offer sports programs, schools have to maintain fields, purchase equipment and accessories. When it comes to tournaments, schools have to cover transportation fees as well as the price to find substitute teachers for coaches’ missing. Football, for example, is considered as the most popular sport in America. According to Ripley (2013), schools devote more than $20,000 each year for only preserve a grass ground, not to mention additional expense such as helmets or uniforms. Nevertheless, despite the huge amount of money required to finance athletics, the fee for operating sports programs continues to increase. Along with the growing concern to sports activity, high schools are keeping expanding their sports program in chasing of glory and ranking. (Conn 2012). Even in the depressed economic period while schools must to curtail education budgets, still, sports programs generally reach sufficient financial support (Ripley, 2013). One example here is Premont, in which sports are still available for high school students while middle-school was combined with high school, elementary school cannot afford a music or art teacher in years, and science lab was closed due to lack of funds. (Ripley, 2013)
As a result of unfair devotion of money, quality of high school education keeps declining. When a school employs money to build a fancy gym, rather than renovate a scientific lab, students certainly approach less resources to accomplish academic achievement, which supposed to be central mission of a high school. It is surprising that if a school invest all money contributed to sports on academics, how it might improve students’ academic performance by providing better learning circumstance. Similarly, Ripley (2013) depicts the experience of Premont School, that after realizing the unfair pay-off, Premont expends $150,000, saved from suspending sports, on raising teachers’ salary, offering them trainings, starting activities benefit to academics. The breakthrough of Premont is shocking that they end with a balanced operation without any debt, which never happened in the history of Premont. (Ripley, 2013) To summarize, school sponsored sports program should be abandoned, because excessive money contributed to sports diminished education budget.
Meanwhile, engaging in sports also withdraw redundant time and attention from students and teachers. Athletes, on the one hand, dedicate heavy time on practice and also, on tournaments. Sports...

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