Reasons To Gain A College Education

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Did you, will you, or are you going to college? Everyone always says that it is a good idea, but will it really make a difference in your life? Does postsecondary education actually change the amount of money you will earn? According to many studies and surveys in recent years, education after high school has clearly become a necessity. Going to school after getting a high school diploma is important because it is a requirement for many jobs, it increases the likelihood of a better salary, and it will benefit individuals by helping them discover their interests and meet their goals.
In order to be considered for most jobs, postsecondary education is necessary. Having a college degree is a huge thing that will set an individual apart from other job applicants (Montana University). In fact, in 2007, 59% of jobs were held by people with education after high school and the percentage is projected to increase by 2018 (Rose). This information is strong evidence that going to college makes a positive difference in finding a job. Part of why going to college is important is that it increases the level at which individuals think and solve problems. It also teaches students to start something, work hard at it, then finish it (ACT, Inc). These skills are beneficial when looking and applying for a job and employers recognize that going to college is a fantastic way to acquire those traits.
If a person goes to college, there is a good chance that what they are paid will be better than an individual that does not attend college. According to a study by Montana University, “four year college degree holders earn roughly 40% more than high school graduates earned the same year.” All it takes is four years of college to make in individual’s life completely different. Being paid 40% more will reduce stress that may come from having to pay bills. According to the Center on Education and the Workforce, the lifetime earnings of a person with just a high school diploma is $1,304,000, however this number...

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